You may have noticed an update in your DiDi Driver app for the way your Completion Rate (CR) and Acceptance Rate (AR) is displayed. This is to help display a more clear reading of your activity on the road throughout the week. As we try to improve the rideshare experience for both passengers and drivers, your weekly CR will contribute greatly to ensuring that the DiDi experience remains high quality, reliable and transparent. 

As part of DiDi’s efforts to encourage and confirm that the best possible experience is being provided for both the riders and our driver-partners, we are introducing a new process: Minimum Requirement for Completion Rate.

The Minimum Requirement for a CR details the lowest acceptable CR in your current city. If your CR falls below the Minimum Requirement for two consecutive weeks, your account will be temporarily suspended and placed on our Performance Review List (PRL). If you’re unable to improve your CR after several reminders, your account will be permanently suspended.

Below are some common questions that we have listed, to help you get a better understanding of the new update.

Q: What is Completion Rate?
A: Weekly Completion Rate = Trips Completed ÷ Trips Accepted over a period of one week. Trips cancelled by both riders and drivers affect the CR. Note: Your CR is not affected if you decline a trip before accepting, but your Acceptance Rate (AR) will be affected.

Q: What is Acceptance Rate?
A: Acceptance Rate = Total Trips Accepted ÷ Total Trip Requests Received. AR is updated daily. Exceeding the response time limit or tapping “Decline” will affect your AR. Note: AR is not affected if the rider cancels the trip within the requested time limit.

Q: I cancelled the trip but it’s not my fault, why did it affect my CR? / Why does a passenger cancellation affect my CR?
A: Completion Rate = Trips Completed ÷ Trips Accepted. It is normal that sometimes you might have to cancel rides. However, as it is a trip that cannot be completed, the cancellation will have an impact on your CR. As long as your CR is above the minimum requirement, your overall CR is fine.

Q: Why can’t I find the CR from 8 weeks ago? / Why can’t I find AR from 30 days ago?
A: We only provide CR for the present week to the past 8 weeks and AR for the past 30 days. You can find them in the CR or AR page of your app.

Q: How can I improve my Completion Rate?
A: To improve your Completion Rate, avoid cancelling trips and other actions which might lead to rider cancellations. For example, not arriving at a pickup point on time may result in rider cancellations.
1) Minimise the number of trips you cancel. Carefully read the trip details before accepting. If you are unsure about accepting the trip, tap “Decline.”
2) After accepting a request, proceed to the pickup point as soon as you can. If you need more time to arrive or take another route, please inform your rider about your current status so they know you are on the way.
3) Patiently wait for the rider after you arrive.

Q: Where I can find the previous CR?
A: You can find the previous CR on the Rewards Page.

Q:What’s the difference between the previous CR and new CR? / Why there are two CRs?
A: The current Completion Rate (CR) takes into account your performance for both accepting and completing trips. However, the new CR will only measure how many trips you complete, while an additional method will be used to assess your Acceptance Rate (AR).

Q: Which CR will affect my rewards?
A: For now, the current CR will stay in place and continue to determine your eligibility for rewards. Until we introduce the new system, you’ll still be able to view your current CR on the Rewards Page.