How to receive payments

After you have completed the Task, the Customer will pay you the agreed Service Fee plus any reimbursement for items you purchased under “Shop on Behalf” requests.

To proceed with receiving payment, provide the customer your PayID or bank details (name, BSB, account number).

Note: For bank transfers, the amount may take up to three days to appear in your account. Additionally we suggest having cash, just in case change is required.

Setting up your payments

During the beta phase, payments for your services and reimbursement of items purchased through “Shop on behalf” are made directly between you and the customer, outside of the DiDi app.

To help safeguard the DiDi community we recommend using contactless digital payments such as PayID or bank transfer.

What is PayID

PayID is a unique identifier linked to your bank account and can be your email address, mobile number or ABN. Once you create a PayID, you can share your identifier instead of your bank account details to make getting paid easier and faster.

Payments through PayID participating banks are paid through the Osko network, allowing for real-time payment.

How do I set-up PayID?

In most cases you are able to create a PayID in your usual banking app or website within minutes. You can watch a video on setting up your PayID here:


Go to your online banking app or website and search PayID. 


Create a PayID by registering your mobile number or email to your bank account. 


Follow your bank’s instructions to create your PayID. 


Once you’re all set up, you just need to share your PayID with the customer upon delivery of the item(s).

How do I use PayID to receive payment?


Share your PayID (mobile or email address) with the customer


Customer will send you payment using their bank app or website using your PayID. 


Payment is received into the bank account linked to your PayID. 

Accepting cash payment

In line with the Australian government social distancing and hygiene measures, we recommend using digital payments under current circumstances. 

In instances where cash payments are made, we advise that you wash your hands for 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based rub. When you speak with a Customer, we suggest you agree at the outset how they will pay you.