Get Extra Trips During Off-peak Periods

Already a DiDi Driver? Click here to opt-in to Saver. Once you’ve submitted the form, you’ll automatically receive Saver requests within 1-2 business days. 

What is DiDi Saver

DiDi Saver is a new product line that offers riders a more affordable ride during off-peak periods while giving drivers an opportunity to get more trips and less dwell time. Off-peak refers to DiDi Saver which is only available in the DiDi app to riders during specific times. Off-peak times will vary depending on your driving location and time of day. 

As the community continues to adjust to a new COVID-Safe norm, bringing Saver to Sydney is our latest effort to help riders and drivers who depend on DiDi during this unprecedented time. This new service will begin trialling in Sydney soon.

DiDi Saver Driver Benefits

  • Get extra trips during those slower off-peak periods
  • See how much you’ll earn from each trip before you accept
  • Easily opt in or out of receiving Saver requests in the app
  • Saver trips contribute to your DiDi Advance Level

How does DiDi Saver benefit me?

During COVID we’ve seen trip requests decline, particularly during off-peak hours.

We’re therefore introducing a new product, DiDi Saver, which will attract new riders during these quiet periods by making safe rides even more affordable. 

In turn, this will empower drivers with the flexibility to  maximise their time on the road with additional trips. Driver’s will be able to see exactly how much they will earn from each trip before accepting. Driver’s can opt-in within the DiDi App to  start receiving DiDi Saver requests during off-peak periods.

During these unprecedented times, DiDi Saver is our latest initiative designed to help both riders and drivers move forward as we adjust to a COVID-safe new normal.

How It Works

DiDi Saver rides are only available during off-peak times. Off-peak times vary depending on your driving location, time and rider demand.   

1.To start receiving Saver requests in your app, make sure you’ve opted in as a DiDi Saver driver-partner. To opt in click here.

2. Want to enable or disable DiDi Saver rides? You can do this any time in your DiDi Driver app by tapping on ‘Trip Settings’.

If you have any other ride or delivery options enabled, you will continue to receive Express rides as per usual. 

3. When you receive a trip request from DiDi Saver, you will be able to see the estimated fare and distance of the trip upfront.

4. Trips on DiDi Saver will contribute to increasing your weekly trip total, giving you an opportunity to level up on DiDi Advance.