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DiDi Driver Starter Manual

Getting Started

Start driving in four simple steps:

Download the ‘DiDi Driver’ app

Search ‘DiDi Driver’ in the App Store or Google Play and download to your device. Sign up with your mobile number through the app.

Begin earning

You’ll receive an SMS and email once your registration has been approved. You’re now ready to hit the road!

Upload your documents

Follow the prompts to upload your documents. Missing documents? Save your application and complete it later.

Apply your DiDi sticker

After your registration is approved, you will receive 2 x self-adhesive DiDi Driver Stickers in the mail.

Where to display your sticker 

Most states’ regulations require that you display signs identifying the platform you are driving with on your vehicle. Penalties may apply if you do not comply with such requirements. We recommend that you place 1 sticker on the inside rider side of the front windscreen and 1 sticker on the inside driver side of the rear windscreen. For more information in relation to this, please refer to your state’s regulatory authorities.

DiDi Advance first page
DiDi Advance
DiDi Advance

DiDi Advance is changing the way driver-partners earn by rewarding the most committed drivers with lower services fees and bonus perks.

How to use the app

Start earning with DiDi

Tap the ‘Start’ button to go online and start receiving trip requests. To accept the request, tap ‘Accept Request’. You’ll then be given step-by-step directions until you reach your destination.

Swiping ‘Arrived’ lets the rider know that you are at the pick up point. You can see the rider’s name to help you confirm the right person.

Swipe on ‘Start’ to begin navigation to the rider’s destination.

Tap the ‘Start’ button to go online and start receiving trip requests. To accept the request, tap ‘Accept Request’. You’ll then be given step-by-step directions until you reach your destination.

Swiping ‘Arrived’ lets the rider know that you are at the pick-up point. You can see the rider’s name to help you confirm the right person.

Swipe on ‘Start’ to begin navigation to the rider’s destination.

Reach out to the rider

Running late or have trouble finding the rider? You can contact the rider directly through the app by tapping on the ‘Phone’ or ‘Instant Messaging’ icon. To keep your details safe, your mobile number will be masked.

Safe and sound?

Swiping ‘Complete Ride’ when you finish the trip and the app will automatically charge the fare to the rider.

Tap on the menu icon on the bottom right of the home screen and ‘Go Offline’ when you want a break from receiving requests.

Arrive, rate and earn

Rate your trip

Riders and drivers can rate each other. After the trip has ended you can rate your rider out of five stars.

View your earnings

See exactly how much you’ve earned after each trip by tapping ‘Earnings’ at the top right of the screen and ‘Balance’.

Get paid weekly

Each week you will be paid your total earnings to the bank account you have added to your DiDi Driver profile.

Set Bank information

Tap ‘Earnings’.

Tap ‘Bank Information’.

Enter and confirm your bank details.

How to cancel a trip

From time to time, you may need to cancel a trip for some reasons, for example:

  • Your rider is not at the pick-up location when you arrive
  • You cannot get to the pick-up location within the time frame
  • Something came up and you need to go offline

Tap Trip Details

Tap Cancel Trip to end the trip for the Rider

How to set your destination

You will get 3 opportunities to set a destination every day. Your trip requests will then be filtered to requests that are on the way to the destination that you have entered.


When you’ve finished working, set your home destination and DiDi will only show you ride requests heading in that direction.

Referral Rewards

Complimentary ride vouchers

Want to earn more with DiDi? You can score a cash bonus for everyone who tries DiDi with your unique referral code.

To make this easier for you, we’ve added a pack of complimentary ride vouchers to the Welcome Pack for you to share with your friends, family, and rideshare passengers.

Ordering top-ups

When you’re running low on your DiDi ride vouchers or you need new DiDi Driver Stickers, you can order more at

Please allow up to 10 business days to receive the top-up vouchers or stickers.

How to find and share your referral code:

Tap Earnings

Tap Referral Rewards

Tap Refer to Ride to find your referral code.

Scroll down to track rewards or view your referral history. You can copy this link or share it via SMS and social media

Please note: Referral rewards are only applicable to riders who sign up with your referral code and take a DiDi trip. T&Cs apply.

Safety at every turn

At DiDi, we strive to ensure all rides are GPS tracked and emergency services can be alerted at any time.

SOS Emergency Button

• In the event of an emergency, you can contact law enforcement and emergency services with the tap of a button

Share your Trip

• Our live GPS tracking allows you to share your itinerary with your family and friends as you drive

24/7 Incident Response

• If you have an incident or safety concern please don’t hesitate to reach out. We have a specially trained Incident Response team to help you at any time

Private Numbers

• When you or a passenger contact each other using the app, both phone numbers will be masked.

Follow the road rules (local, state and federal laws)

It is your responsibility to ensure that riders are transported safely and in accordance with any relevant road rules, laws and regulations.

If you have any concerns on how you or your passenger should act during a trip please review the Community Guidelines. Please remember to let us know immediately if there was a serious incident.

Driven by the best

Riders have told us they really appreciate it when driver-partners


Keep their car clean


Communicate with them where the best pick-up point is


Ask them if they would like to follow the GPS or if they have a different route they’d prefer


Drive smoothly and safely


Provide bottled water, mints or phone chargers

How can I find out more about what DiDi riders appreciate?

Tap ‘Star Rating’ in the ‘Account’ section of the DiDi Driver app and you will be able to see your average rating as well as any feedback you have received from riders.


Account information

Driver Account Information


Driver Rewards

How do Rewards work?

At DiDi, we offer driver-partners a variety of rewards to boost their earnings and keep our ridesharing service safe, reliable and efficient.

You can check the latest rewards by tapping on the Gift icon on the homepage, or by heading to Earnings > Rewards.

Please note: to participate in rewards you may need to meet certain requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining a high Acceptance Rate, Completion Rate and Star Rating.

How can I refer people to drive with DiDi?

Sharing DiDi with your friends is easy and you may be eligible to receive a reward!

Depending on the specific terms of the reward, you may be able to access these benefits when:

• The person you’ve referred signs up to drive through your referral code; or

• The person you’ve referred signs up through your referral code and completes a certain amount of trips

Trip details

Driver Trip Details

How does the multiple stops feature work?

A: The rider must update the trip details themselves in the rider app. They can simply add multiple stops for the places they want to go but selecting “Edit Destination.” Once they confirm the changes, the navigation will be updated automatically for you.