Get 20% off featured date spots to revive your local love

#Makeitadate – Our Way of Helping You Support Local. 

We exist to connect you to the people and places you love safely and affordably. Back in March, cities across Australia came to an abrupt standstill in response to COVID-19. Borders closed, flights were cancelled and working from home (if you were fortunate enough to) became the new norm. We all relied on the Internet to stay connected to loved ones, as many of the places we loved to meet at (restaurants, pubs, bars and galleries) closed their doors.

We were forced to take a sudden hiatus from our cities, without a last parma, pint or fleeting goodbye to the local barista who knows your name and order off by heart. Now after weeks of staying at home, cities across the country are reopening, allowing us to reconnect and rekindle our local love with our favourite spots in town.

From July to August we are lending our app to support 90 local businesses across Australia by offering discounted rides to any of these venues for you to #Makeitadate with your local. Thanks to the DiDi community for nominating your favourite local businesses in your cities to support. We are excited to include more venues to this cause and help you #Makeitadate.

Love local and #MakeItADate with 20% your next ride to some of your favourite venues below, as nominated by the DiDi community.

Competition closed. Stay tuned for more.


Disclaimer: The ‘Make It A Date’ campaign is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with the listed date destinations. The listed destinations are selected by participants of the ‘Make It A Date’ campaign to be a recommended destination for dates.