After weeks of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, social distancing rules are gradually being relaxed across Australia and we’ve noticed many of you are getting out there to revive your local love. 

We also saw that you may be iffy about riding on public transport – a recent survey conducted with our rider community showed as many as 60% of you prefer to use a more hygienic transport option. From 10 June onwards, we’ve proudly launched DiDi Care, our most hygienic service.

DiDi Care features a new AI technology driven Health Guard Program with Australia’s first in app mask and disinfectant spray recognition software for drivers on DiDi Care.

Choose to ride with DiDi Care for added peace of mind, all while enjoying the same safe and affordable journey.  

Benefits of a DiDi Care Ride

Masks and disinfected cars

All Care drivers must wear a mask and are asked to disinfect their cars in between trips. We’ve created Health Guard – a program that uses the power of AI technology for our highest hygiene standard.

Safety feedback loop

Care driver not wearing a face mask? Notify us by leaving feedback at the end of your ride. Care drivers found driving without masks risk suspension.

Same low fare rideshare 

We’re committed to providing you with good value. The slight increase to DiDi Care fares allows drivers to provide the best possible experience to Aussies looking for added peace of mind when travelling.

DiDi Care introduces new in app technology through its AI Health Guard Program to verify if drivers are wearing masks before they go online to give Care trips.

A Note to Our Melbourne Community.

Melbourne, we know times are tough right now with the second COVID-19 lockdown and the new requirement to wear face coverings when out of the house. To help keep our community safe during this time, we are expanding our Care AI technology and in-app Health-Guard program to all the services in the DiDi app.

This means that from Thursday 23 July, all Melbourne drivers on the DiDi app must verify that they are wearing face coverings to go online and accept requests. Face coverings will also be required for all riders, and riders and drivers will be able to cancel without penalty if a driver/rider is not wearing a face covering.

Extra COVIDSafe Guidelines

We provide both DiDi drivers and riders with the up-to-date COVIDSafe health advice and practical tips to help the DiDi community to travel safe during this time.

Ride safe, Ride kind

Everyone has a part to play in stopping the spread. We ask that you do your bit on every ride by …

Sitting in the Backseat
Limit your riders to help drivers to socially distance

Maximum 3 people per Care & Express
Maximum 5 people per Max

Handle your own belongings to minimise contact 
Wash your hands before and after you ride

Care Ride F.A.Q

Why is my care ride taking so long?

From time to time, the wait time for Care rides may be longer than usual, due to the high demand for Care trips. We strongly advise that you request with enough time beforehand if you need to be somewhere at a certain time. All Care drivers are also asked to clean their cars in between each trip which may increase the wait time. 

If you need a ride to arrive fast, you can always request an Express instead.

Why is it more expensive than Express?

The slight increase to DiDi Care fares allows drivers to provide the best possible rider experience to Aussies looking for added peace of mind when travelling. 

Why has DiDi Care been introduced?

DiDi Care is a new ride option to the DiDi app that introduces the highest hygiene standards for any DiDi ride so far, at an affordable cost. It has been created to give Australians extra peace of mind when travelling in addition to DiDi’s existing COVIDSafe rideshare guidelines.