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Summer is coming and we’re expanding our Service Area

About our Expansion

We’re excited to announce that as of Tuesday 24 November, we’re expanding our Sydney Service Area to nearby areas.

With the silly season approaching and the limits on overseas travel, we know Aussies are itching to get out there and explore. Luckily for us, we live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world! By expanding our service area, we’re helping you access more exciting locations and scenic spots this coming summer. 

Think bush walks and sight-seeing through the Blue Mountains, picnics at Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River, and waterfall-searching through South of Sydney.

You’ll now be able to request a safe and affordable ride to any of the locations listed below. 

Where to next?

Check out where we’re now taking trips: 

West of Sydney – Blue Mountains Area 

Southwest of Sydney – The Oak, Oakdale, Bargo, Wilton, Razorback & Picton 

North of Sydney – Brooklyn & Cowan 

South of Sydney – Heathcote & Waterfall