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Facial Verification – Stepping up Safety

We’re constantly working hard to improve our product safety. Facial verification helps to keep your account secure. 

Check out our quick guide below to see how to complete Facial Verification. 

What is ‘Facial Verification’?

Facial Verification is a safety tool that matches your face against a picture of you that you have provided us. This helps ensure that it is you logging into the driver app and not someone else. 

How it Works

Login with Facial Verification in 3 Steps

Step 1
Log into your DiDi-Driver app and you’ll see instructions guiding you on how to use Facial Verification. Keep in mind, you’ll need to ‘agree’ to use Facial Verification first.

Step 2
Look directly at your screen and ensure that your face is centred in the window. A timer will indicate how long until completion.

Step 3
If successful, you’ll be able to login and start receiving trip requests.

Stay tuned for updates regarding Facial Verification in Victoria!


What happens if the Facial Verification fails?

You’ll be given a maximum of five (5) attempts to validate your identity through Facial Verification. If verification fails the first time, you can restart the process and try again, or verify yourself offline using your passport or immigration card (ImmiCard).

After five (5) failed attempts, you won’t be able to go online and you’ll need to verify your identity offline.

How do I verify offline?

If you need to verify offline, you’ll need to confirm your identification with either your passport or immigration card (ImmiCard), as well as your driver’s licence and profile picture.

You can verify offline in 3 simple steps: 

  1. In the app, select which document you would like to use.
  2. Upload photos of the three documents and ensure that they’re clear and visible. 
  3. Submit for review. We will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

How do I complete Facial Verification as a Care Driver? 

Care drivers will not be required to complete Facial Verification and will instead need to undergo a mask and spray Health Guard Check before going online each day. You’ll be prompted in the app to submit two photos: a selfie wearing a mask and a photo of your vehicle with sanitiser. This safety check will need to be completed before you can start accepting Care trips.