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DiDi Share FAQ – Riders

DiDi Share is a carpool service offering affordable rides for riders to share rides when they’re heading towards the same direction, putting share back into rideshare!

DiDi Share is currently available in Brisbane, QLD. See below for any burning questions you might’ve answered:

What is DiDi Share?

DiDi Share is our latest and most economical DiDi ride yet. The reason why it is so affordable compared to our already low fare rideshare options is that our system will automatically match you with other DiDi riders who are traveling in the same direction.

Where is DiDi Share available now?

DiDi Share is currently available in Brisbane, QLD.

Don’t see your city? Head to our Facebook & Instagram page for regular updates on our operating locations.

How to request a DiDi share?

Ordering a DiDi Share is almost the same as ordering a DiDi Express. Simply:

1) Enter your destination into ‘Where to?’

2) Select ‘DiDi Share’ as your DiDi ride service by swiping along the bottom of the screen

3) Select payment method

4) Confirm how many seats you need in the DiDi Share (up to 2 per passenger)

5) Confirm the pickup location – our smart algorithm will match your request with other riders who are heading towards the same direction momentarily

In order to minimise wait time and to make your trip as efficient as possible, you may need to talk a short walk to the pickup location as displayed in our app. Enjoy the shared trip with other riders during your trip with DiDi Share.

What else do I need to know if I want to request a DiDi Share?

DiDi Share service is currently only available in a designated area in Brisbane between 6:00 to 22:00 (6am-10pm).

The designated area of Brisbane is set out below:

How will I know the price of my DiDi Share trip?

On most occasions, DiDi Share will provide a fixed price when you enter your destination into the ‘Where to’ and confirm your pickup area. This means the final price is the price shown before you request a DiDi Share trip.

However, there are some situations which may cause your final price to be different from the fixed price. These include the actual trip time or distance of trip being different to the route calculated during the price estimation. In these circumstances, your bill will be based on the actual time and distance and other rates applicable in your city. We’ll send a notification immediately once the trip is completed if the price changes. 

Can I cancel my DiDi Share trip after I requested it?

If you cancel the DiDi Share trip once your driver has arrived at the pickup location, a Cancellation Fee will normally apply.

A Cancellation Fee will apply when:

  1. You cancel the trip 5 minutes after a driver has accepted your request
  2. The driver has already arrived at the pickup location when you cancel the trip
  3. The driver has already waited for 2 minutes or more at the pickup point and they cancel the trip

A Cancellation Fee will not apply when:

  1. You cancel the trip within 5 minutes of the driver accepting your request
  2. The driver cancels before he/she arrive
  3. The driver has waited for less than 2 minutes at the pickup location and cancels the trip

If you’re running a little late, we recommend you contact the driver and let he/she know as soon as possible.

Can I change my pickup location and how far do I need to walk?

Unfortunately, you can’t change the pickup location once the driver accepts your DiDi Share request.

Usually it will only take a few minutes to walk to the designated pickup spot not far from your original request pickup location. It is recommended that you arrive at the pickup location before your driver arrives to make the trip more pleasant for your driver and fellow rider.  

Can I request a DiDi Share with my friend together?

You can request a DiDi Share with your friend by adding one more rider while requesting the trip. Please note that DiDi Share only allows up to two riders with one request, including yourself. The price will slightly increase if you order a Share ride for two.

Please note that your driver may cancel your trip if there are more riders than the number of riders you’ve requested while booking the ride.

Can I bring my pet with me while request a DiDi Share?

Pets are not allowed on DiDi Share trips, except for service animals.

Can I change my route or destination during the DiDi Share trip?

To ensure that DiDi Share has the most efficient route for all the riders, you cannot change your route or destination during a DiDi Share trip. If you feel that you might have the need to change the route during the trip, you should consider booking a DiDi Express ride instead.

If my driver picked me up first, will I be the priority one to drop off?

Our smart algorithm will plan the most efficient route for all the riders on the same DiDi Share trip. This means that you may not be the first to be dropped off, even if you were the first to be picked up.

Can I bring any luggage with me on a DiDi Share trip?

Whilst you can bring luggage with you on a DiDi Share trip, it is strongly recommended that you order a DiDi Express or DiDi Max service if your luggage may inconvenience other riders. If your luggage cannot fit in the car, your driver might have to cancel your trip .

How many riders will be picked up on the same DiDi Share trip?

During a DiDi Share trip, other riders who are travelling in the same direction will be picked up and dropped off. We will use the most efficient route for picking up and dropping off riders.

Riders can request a DiDi Share trip just for themselves, or opt to bring a friend. The maximum limit per request is 2 riders. Each DiDi Share ride will have a maximum of 3 people in the car.

Will my DiDi Share trip always have other riders?

It is possible that there might not be other riders on your DiDi Share trip. If there are no other riders along your route, you will only be charged based on the price from when you started the trip, even if you are not matched with any other rider for the trip.

How long it will take to match with other riders?

Our system will take up to 2 minutes to match other riders with the same route on your DiDi Share trip. This means it can take up to 2 minutes for your trip to be accepted.

Who will be paying for tolls during the DiDi Share trip?

DiDi will cover the cost of a toll during a DiDi Share trip. You will not have to pay for the toll.

🙋 Have more questions or feedback? Contact our customer service 24/7 and we’ll be able to help!