Introducing DiDi Advance

What is DiDi Advance?

DiDi Advance is changing the way driver-partners earn by rewarding the most committed drivers with lower services fees and bonus perks.

How does DiDi Advance work? 

Every Monday you will receive Quests in the DiDi Driver app. Completing Quests determines what DiDi Advance level and the corresponding services fee and bonus perks you will receive the following week. 

Quests will have weekly targets for:

  • Total Trip Number
  • Weekly Acceptance Rate (AR)
  • Weekly Completion Rate (CR)

Reaching and maintaining Quest targets unlocks the program’s four levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond) with each level progressively unlocking lower services fees and additional perks. 

Your Quest performance is measured on Sunday night and sets next week’s DiDi Advance level. Your driver-partner account will update automatically to reflect the services fee, in-app features and bonus perks of your corresponding DiDi Advance level. 

Quests update weekly in the DiDi Driver app. Track your current level and Quest performance by navigating to the ‘DiDi Advance – My Level’ page. 

Reach and maintain your Quest targets by Sunday 11:59pm each week to lock in next week’s DiDi Advance level.

Example below –

Your Quest performance will be measured based on the lowest level badge.

How will DiDi Advance impact me? 

As of Monday 2 December, DiDi will roll out DiDi Advance in Newcastle, QLD, and VIC.

Driver-partners in WA will continue receiving DiDi’s standard Service Fee until DiDi Advance launches. 

What are the benefits? 

DiDi Advance introduces four different levels of benefits with varying Services Fees and perks.

Read more about the program benefits available to Newcastle Driver-Partners or Queensland and Victoria Driver-Partners.

You can also view all the level benefits in the DiDi Advance page of your DiDi Driver app (available to QLD and VIC from 2 December 2019).

Why are we making this change?

We’re launching DiDi Advance to increase how much the most committed drivers can potentially earn. Listening to the driver community we learned:

Over 70% prefer to drive for rideshare platforms that offer reward programs 

Over 60% think the most committed drivers should receive lower services fees

We’re excited to make these changes and help you drive towards low commission.