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Guide to: Quests & Tips

What are DiDi Advance Quests? 

Every Monday driver-partners on the program will receive a set of Quests to complete in the DiDi Driver app. The completion of these Quests will determine your Level on DiDi Advance for the following week. 

Driver-partners can expect to receive the following three quests:

1. Weekly Total trips 

The total number of trips completed in the current week from 12am Monday to 11:59pm Sunday.

2. Weekly Acceptance Rate (AR)

(Total trips accepted  ÷ total trips received) over a one week period.

Note: If you let trip requests time-out or decline incoming requests your AR will be affected. Your AR is not affected if the rider declines within a certain time-frame from making the trip request.

 3. Weekly Completion Rate (CR)

Trips Completed ÷ (Trips Accepted – Exempted Cancellations). 

Note: Any trips that are cancelled (by the rider or driver) or closed by Customer Support may affect your CR. Declining a trip request doesn’t affect your CR. However, your Acceptance Rate (AR) will be affected. For drivers who’ve had less than 10% of their total accepted trips cancelled by riders, their CR won’t be affected. This is to minimise the impact of rider cancellations on drivers’ CR.

To view your Quests, head to the DiDi Driver app and navigate to the DiDi Advance – My Level page. 

How do I reach a different level?

You need to complete all three Quests in a 1-week period to maintain or progress levels for the following week. Your next week’s DiDi Advance level is determined based on your current week’s Quest performance at 11:59pm every Sunday.

I completed enough trips for the week. Why didn’t I go up a level?

To ensure that you are on track to reach your desired level next week, you will need to make sure that your all of Quest targets are met and maintained up till 11:59pm on Sunday night. Your account will automatically be updated to your new level and reflect the benefits at 12:00am on Monday. 

Although you may have reached your trip goal, your Completion Rate and Acceptance Rate can both fluctuate during the week depending on the way you drive on the platform.

You will also need to maintain your CR and AR until 11:59 pm Sunday, as this is the time your level is determined.

What happens if I’m close to reaching the next level at the end of the week?

Your DiDi Advance performance resets on every Sunday night at 11:59pm, when we finalise your level for the next week. There’s no carry-over – your trip total, AR, and CR will reset to zero at 12:00am Monday.