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Determining your Level

With DiDi Advance, your program level is determined based on your Quest performance from the previous week. Your level for the consequent week is always calculated at the very end of the previous week at 11:59pm on Sunday. A complete week for DiDi Advance starts 12am Monday to 11:59pm Sunday.

All new Driver-partners will be onboarded to start on DiDi Advance in Gold level. For current active Driver-partners, you’ll get a week before we kick off to complete quests to determine your level for the first week. 

For current active Driver-partners as of 24 November 2019:

QLD and VIC Driver-Partners

Evaluation week commences on 2 December to 8 December 2019 and is the final week with your current Services Fee. During evaluation week you will receive quests to complete and determine your level for the first week of DiDi Advance. Your level will be announced via email and in your DiDi Driver app on Monday 9 December 2019.

Newcastle Driver-Partners

From 28 October 2019 you will have received Quests every Monday. Your performance each week will determine your level for the following week. Every Monday thereafter, a level will be announced via email and in your DiDi Driver app.

For example:

In evaluation week, I managed to complete all the Quest requirements for Gold.
You will receive Gold level benefits and the Services fee the next week.

Though your total trip number will never decrease, your Completion Rate and Acceptance Rate can both fluctuate during the week depending on the way you drive on the platform. You will need to maintain your CR and AR until 11:59 pm Sunday, as this is the time that your level is determined.

For example:

I managed to hit all my targets by Wednesday to get into Platinum.
You will not immediately be able to access Platinum benefits and the Services fee. You will receive access to Platinum level next week if you manage to maintain your CR and AR. You will continue driving with Gold level benefits and Services fee until 11:59pm Sunday of this same week.

If your AR/and/or CR drops before Sunday 11:59 pm you will not be eligible for Platinum benefits and Service fee for the following week.