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Guide to: Acceptance Rate (AR) & Completion Rate (CR)

How are my completion rate and acceptance rate calculated?

Your Acceptance Rate (“AR”) is the percentage of trip requests you accept, whether or not you complete the trip.

Your Completion Rate (“CR”) is the percentage of trips you actually complete.

Note: DiDi Advance uses your Weekly Acceptance Rate and your Weekly Completion Rate.

How is my Weekly Acceptance Rate (AR) calculated?

Weekly Acceptance Rate = (Total Trips Accepted ÷ Total Trip Requests Received over a period of one week) x 100.  

Note: If you let trip requests time-out or decline incoming requests your AR will be affected. Your AR is not affected if the rider declines within a certain time-frame from making the trip request.

How is my Weekly Completion Rate (CR) calculated?

Weekly Completion Rate (CR) = Trips Completed ÷ (Trips Accepted – Exempted Rider Cancellations).

What are Exempted Cancellations?

They combine both of the below (1 + 2):

1. Exempted Rider Cancellations
Exempted Rider Cancellations are up to 10% of your total accepted trips that are cancelled by riders. 

2. Exempted Driver Cancellations
Exempted Driver Cancellations are trips you cancel when riders do not arrive at the pickup point on time.

Note: Any trips that are cancelled (by the rider or driver) or closed by Customer Support may affect your CR. Declining a trip request doesn’t affect your CR. However, your Acceptance Rate (AR) will be affected. For drivers who’ve had less than 10% of their total accepted trips cancelled by riders, their CR won’t be affected. This is to minimise the impact of rider cancellations on drivers’ CR.

What happens if my acceptance rate or cancellation rate drop below requirements for a DiDi Advance level?

Your level for the next week will not be finalised until 11:59pm on Sunday night. Even though your total number of trips can only grow throughout the week, your acceptance rate and completion rate can both go up or down as your drive, therefore you need to be mindful of these.  

If either rate falls below the requirements for the current level that you’re already in, or a level that you’re aiming for, then you will have until 11:59pm on Sunday that week to get your rate back up to where you want it to be.