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Hello Split Fare. Goodbye IOUs

How can I split my fare?

You can split your trip fare in just 3 simple steps:

Request a trip (please ensure you have the latest version of the DiDi app).
After requesting your trip, tap ‘Split Fare’ on Driver Information Panel..
Enter your friend’s names / mobile numbers that you want to split the fare with.


How will the trip fare be split among riders?

The total trip fare will be split equally among all riders.

Are there any additional fees for Split Fare?

Yes, a $0.30 Split Fare Fee will apply to each rider.

What happens if someone cancels / declines the Split Fare request?

If a fellow rider cancels or declines your Split Fare request, The remaining riders will be responsible for their share. Please note: if you remove all riders from the Split Fare or cancel a trip which incurs a cancellation fee, you’ll also be responsible for their share.

Why wasn’t my Split Fare successful?

If your Split Fare wasn’t successful, it may be due to the following reasons:

A rider isn’t registered with DiDi
A rider hasn’t added a payment method to their DiDi account
A rider’s app isn’t up to date