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Introducing Lower Standard Pricing on Brisbane rides

To continue our mission to provide everyday lowfare rideshare, DiDi is lowering the standard pricing of rides in Brisbane by up to 10%* starting on Tuesday 27th August 2019.

How are our prices changing?

What does this mean for riders?

Whether you are going into work, class or racing to the airport, you can have peace of mind knowing that even when DiDi isn’t running a promotion, you’ll pay less for every ride you take with DiDi in Brisbane.

Want ride vouchers for free? Invite your friends to try DiDi by heading to the ‘Invite Friends’ page in the DiDi-Rider app.

What does this mean for Driver-partners?

DiDi is committed to ensuring our driver-partners are given a fair go. This is why we have an industry low services fee, allowing drivers to keep more of the fare.

*Saving based on an estimated average trip between 3-10km in length taken in Brisbane from 21/07/19 to 21/08/19. Excludes promotions, tolls, levies and 3rd party charges.