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DiDi’s Driver Stories

At DiDi, we’re passionate about giving Driver-Partners the fair share of every trip. After a year of shaking up rideshare in Melbourne, we are using this time to bring some incredible driver stories to light from the road.

Each week in June, we will be celebrating the efforts of a DiDi Driver-Partner to showcase what it means to drive with DiDi. Driver-Partners were asked to share their thoughts on how DiDi has made a difference in their lives, with a special mention of their most memorable DiDi trip.

With thousands of responses, it wasn’t an easy task to narrow it down to four! If you have had a ride with any of these DiDi Driver-Partners in the past, lucky you! We hope you enjoy the videos just as much as we do.

Narayan’s Story

Meet Narayan. After working in hospitality for all his life, a new challenge was calling. He heard about DiDi from a friend and now drives full-time with DiDi, loving the flexibility of working when he wants.   

Watch his Video Below.

Victoria’s Story

Meet Victoria, one of DiDi’s first female Driver-Partners who started driving with DiDi in August last year. Watch her #DriverOfTheWeek to see what she has to say to all women who are thinking about a change in career.

Stay tuned to Victoria’s video – coming up next week!

Jonathan’s Story

Meet Jonathan. After getting over working 9-5, this Driver-Partner began to drive with DiDi to spend more time with family and friends. We recently caught up with Jonathan to get his thoughts on Melbourne’s lowfare rideshare.

Stay tuned to Jonathan’s video – coming up next week!

Amit’s Story

Meet Amit, our final DiDi Driver-Partner to have his efforts recognised in this series. See what Amit has to say about DiDi and how we are changing the rideshare industry for all Driver-Partners.

Stay tuned to Amit’s video – coming up next week!