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DiDi turns ONE in Melbourne

Thanks for ONE year, Melbourne. After year of shaking up rideshare in Melbourne with our low 5.5% services fee, to celebrate our first birthday, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to reflect on some highlights from the road.

Meet DiDi’s Driver-Partners and see who has taken the cake from the longest trip to the ultimate deso!

The Longest DiDi Trip
Clocking in at 386 kilometres, Sham drove from Melbourne to Hamilton. That’s one for the record books!

The Longest DiDi Streak
Tallying in at 163 consecutive days of driving with DiDi, Rajiv has proven to be Melbourne’s trailblazer. Don’t panic now, DiDi caps driving hours to 10 hours to ensure anyone that gets behind the wheel is safe and alert at all times!

The Airport Aviator
Now this title comes with a bit of baggage… Mohammad has been the last goodbye and the sprightly welcoming face to 330 DiDi riders travelling in and out of Melbourne Airport.

The Ultimate Designated Driver
We’ve all been there; he is the saviour we all need… the designated driver that takes where you want, when you want. Tariq has safely picked up and dropped off over 379 DiDi riders during Melbourne’s busy weekends.

The Early Bird
They say the early bird catches the worm and that’s definitely the case with this next driver. 842 riders have counted on Rajiv to get them through Melbourne’s morning rush hour.

The Busiest Beaver
With a record of 3756 trips over the past year, you can be sure to catch J on the road when you request a ride with DiDi.

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