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Ensuring reliable rides (DiDi Driver-Partners)

Hi DiDi Driver-Partners,

Cancellations, getting caught going the wrong way or overcharging riders are a negative experience for everyone. To continue growing the adoption of DiDi’s rideshare services, we need your support in creating positive rideshare experiences for both you and our riders.

DiDi has a Driver Suspension and Disqualification Policy in place to help make every ride enjoyable and seamless for all.

What is DiDi’s Driver Suspension and Disqualification Policy?

The following behaviours will result in the suspension or disqualification of your account:

  • Not swiping ‘complete trip’, or continuing to charge riders after trips are completed;

  • Taking unnecessary detours to increase your earnings;

  • Starting trips without picking up riders.

To continue increasing your earnings with DiDi and helping us grow, as a community we must strive to provide riders with safe and reliable rides by following policy rules.

DiDi Australia