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Introducing Lower Pricing Structure in Newcastle

DiDi is dropping the standard pricing in Newcastle by 10% as of 16th April 2019.

In doing this, DiDi is lowering the minimum ride fare, time fee, distance fare, waiting fee, base fare, and cancellation fee all by 10%. In addition, we are also removing the booking fee in order to further reduce costs for our riders, helping them to spend less and live more.

Check out below to see how we’ve revised our fare prices in detail.

What fees are changing?

Minimum Fare: $6.75

Time Fee: $0.34/ minute

Distance Fare: $1.13/ km

Waiting Fee: $0.54

Base Fare: $2.25

Cancellation Fee: $7.20

Booking Fee: $0.00 – We are removing the booking fee that was paid 100% to DiDi to reduce costs for riders without any impact to driver-partners

DiDi is dedicated to providing Novocastrians with affordable rideshare services, all year long.

With 10% lower fares, now there are more reasons to choose DiDi.