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Steer Clear and Stay Safe


Did you know that last year, Victorian drivers paid $785 million in fines? This is all a part of VIC Roads’ effort to make our roads safe.

Not only is it illegal to park or wait near bus stops but it is quite dangerous too. If a car blocks a bus lane or bus stop it can be an accident waiting to happen.

The City of Melbourne issues fines to those that disobey road rules so that our roads stay safe. These fines can range from $81 to $161To find a full list of fines and their penalties click here.

The most frequent offenses are: 

  • Stopping in a bus lane
  • Parking in a loading zone which is dedicated to commercial vehicles
  • Disobeying a stop sign
  • Parking in a No Standing zone
  • Parking in a Mail zone which is dedicated to drivers of postal vehicles

Common spots to avoid, include:

  • 727 Collins Square in Docklands where drivers are often stopped holding up the traffic behind them.
  • Lonsdale Street between William and Exhibition
  • La Trobe street between King and William

We know it’s often difficult to find a rider during peak times in some of the city’s busier areas. If you can’t find your rider, pull over in an alternate safe, convenient and legal stopping or parking zone and turn off your engine.

Here you can either make a call through the DiDi app’s anonymised phone number or message your rider using our in-app instant messenger. Instruct the rider to your exact location for them to find you.

Apart from avoiding fines, every time you get behind the wheel with DiDi we want your journey to be as safe as possible.