Introducing DiDi’s Dynamic Pricing

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To keep the good times rolling after announcing our flat 5% services fee earlier this month, we’ve introduced Dynamic Pricing as of 21st December 2018 to help boost your earnings as a DiDi driver-partner.  

We’ve also added a DiDi twist on this… read on to find out how.

What is Dynamic Pricing?

To help riders get connected you to easier when trip requests exceed the number of driver-partners on the road, fares will dynamically increase. This can often happen when it is raining when there is an event on, and during peak hours when people are out and about. 

How can I see this?

Driver-partners will be able to see Dynamic Pricing in the form of a multiplier that will be added to your trip fare when you receive a trip request in the DiDi Driver app.

DiDi Driver app Dynamic Pricing (seen on trip request) preview


Once the trip has been completed, the multiplier can also be seen next to the final trip fare amount in your Earnings. 


Dynamic Pricing Heat Map


This feature allows you to track the fare multipliers in your area live. When demand increases in a specific area, the area will be highlighted in orange. The larger the multiplier, the darker the shade of orange. This way, you’ll know where to be to boost your earnings.

How good. Catch ya on the road, partners.


How is Dynamic Pricing determined?
During times of high demand, Dynamic Pricing will apply on your trip fares. This means that if demand is high in a particular area and time, the trip fare will have a multiplier added to the base, time, waiting and distance fees.

This multiplier applies to the base, time, and distance of the trip fare. Fees and third-party like levies and tolls are not subject to the service fee.

Dynamic Pricing on the map will show the multiplier that apply to riders using the DiDi app. The rider’s location determines the multiplier that is applied on a trip rather than driver partner’s location.

For Example
$10 trip fare with a dynamic multiplier of 1.2x.

Base fare: $1.88
Distance fare: $3.12
Time fare: $5
Subtotal: $10
Dynamic Multiplier of 1.2: $2
Toll: $2
Gross fare: $17 ($10 + $2 dynamic multiplier + $2 toll)
Your net payout for this trip would be $14 – DiDi services fee + $2 toll.

If Dynamic Pricing of 1.2x active: 


The dynamic price multiplier does NOT apply to third-party fees (tolls, government levies) or cancellation fees.