DiDi’s Summer Guide to Boosting Your Earnings

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If a 5% services fee wasn’t already a game changer – we’ve introduced Dynamic Pricing to DiDi to continue our commitment to increasing your earning potential this festive season, since we know there that ride requests will be going off!

What is Dynamic Pricing?
When trip requests exceed the number of driver-partners on the road, fares will dynamically increase. This can often happen when it is raining, when there is an event on, and during peak hours when people are out and about. With Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve approaching we’re expecting rider demand to be high. To help you increase your earning potential we have the following tips to share with you.

What to expect.

22nd-  24th December 
Last Minute Shoppers and Jetsetters

Expect to be helping last-minute shoppers get to and from shopping centres (Chadstone, Melbourne Central, Doncaster Shopping Town, High Point). Trip demand will be particularly higher than usual on Monday night with Chadstone staying open for 34 hours continuously.

There will also be riders flying in and out of Melbourne Tullamarine Airport to celebrate the festivities interstate.

26th December
Boxing Day Sales

Our best bet is to be on the road by 8am.

31st December
New Year’s Eve

Our best bet is to be on the road by 4pm.

Prep for riders.

Use Instant chat. Over-communicate with riders to confirm pickup and drop-off locations. You can message and call riders through the DiDi Driver app. Your mobile number will be anonymised for your privacy. 

Hello hydration. Consider keeping water bottles in your car.

Right rider? Make sure you confirm the rider’s name before they get in your car.

And remember… take a break.

If you’re feeling drowsy make sure you log off the DiDi Driver app and take a break. We want you and your riders to be safe on the road at all times.

Happy holidays!