Your Journey With DiDi is Safer

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DiDi is committed to creating a safe and comfortable ridesharing experience for both riders and driver-partners who use the DiDi app. To ensure a robust level of safety, we have implemented new features in our DiDi-Rider app and redesigned the interface to support you in an emergency.  

Single Tap Safety Toolkit.

Our safety toolkit is now easily accessible on your DiDi-Rider app as soon as your ride request has been accepted. In an emergency, in a single tap, you can swiftly share your current trip itinerary with any of your trusted contacts and contact 000 directly through the app.

Sharing Your Live Trip Itinerary.

Your phone, Facebook, WhatsApp or WeChat contacts can follow your trip live. Broadcast this with those you trust so that they can rest assured that you have arrived at your destination safely. To access this, tap on your Safety Toolkit icon on the bottom left hand side and tap ‘Share Trip’.

In-app SOS Button.

In an emergency, tap on the SOS button located in your Safety Toolkit to be connected to 000 immediately. Your trip details and live location address will be made visible on the screen for you to easily share with emergency services. By tapping the SOS button, your trip details and live location will also be shared with your Trusted Contacts.

Keep Your Loved Ones in the Loop.

Add up to five trusted contacts to share your trip status within a single tap. You can now add and edit these contacts within the DiDi-Rider app. As soon as you have tapped on the SOS button in an emergency, your Trusted Contacts will be automatically sent a tracking link, allowing them to follow your trip live along with your trip details. This link includes your driver’s name, vehicle information, and pickup and drop-off addresses.  

Open the DiDi-Rider app now to add your Trusted Contacts so that they, along with the authorities will be the first to know in an emergency. Your safety is paramount to us and we want to assure you that we’re here for you throughout your journey with us.