New VIC Regulations For Driver-Partners

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Note to Driver-Partners.

New regulations have been introduced for booking service providers such as DiDi operating in Victoria, being the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Regulations 2018. The regulations also impact individuals who provides transportation services facilitated by booking service providers (Driver-Partner).

Under the regulations, Driver-Partners need to:

  • Ensure signs identify the vehicle as per DiDi’s signage guidelines as they apply in Victoria
  • Ensure no occupant of the vehicle smokes
  • Allow assistance animals to travel with passengers
  • Offer assistance to passengers
  • Take the most direct and practicable route unless the passenger requests an alternative route.

We have updated our terms and conditions, and our policies, to reflect the requirements and obligations contained in the regulations.


Below we have provided answers to some frequently asked question for driver-partners on what the regulations mean for you as a driver-partner. If you want more information, please contact us.

What sign must my vehicle have?

From 1 September 2018, all vehicles in Victoria used to provide transportation services such as those facilitated by DiDi Australia, need to be identifiable as being used to provide those services. DiDi recommends Driver-partners to place a DiDi Sign on the rear windscreen when providing services using the DiDi platform. When the vehicle is not being used to provide services the DiDi Sign must be removed or taken down. DiDi Sign will soon be available for collection at DiDi Hubs. For further information, please read DiDi’s Signage Guidelines on the FAQ section of DiDi’s website.

Can I smoke in my vehicle?

Not while transportation services are being provided. And neither can anyone else, including a passenger. All kinds of smoking – which includes smoking, using or holding an e-cigarette or a tobacco product – is banned.

Do I have to allow an assistance animal in my vehicle?

Yes. You must allow an assistance animal, meaning a dog, or other animal, that is trained to assist a person with a disability, in your vehicle to accompany a passenger.

Do I have to help passengers?

Yes. You must give reasonable help to a passenger to get in and out of your vehicle.

What route must I take?

You must take the passengers nominated route unless you have a reasonable excuse not to. If they have not nominated a route, you must take the most direct and practicable route as provided or shown in the DiDi Australia driver app.

What incidents are notifiable to DiDi?

You must immediately notify DiDi Australia if your vehicle is involved in, or during the provision of transportation services, an incident occurs that results in a serious injury or in the attendance of the police, emergency services or other health professional.

What if a passenger asks for fare information?

You can refer the passenger to the FAQ section of our website for information on how their fares are calculated.